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API 580 Risk Based Inspection


API 580 Risk Based Inspection Certification – 3 months of online training in preparation for the API 580 examination


API welcomes highly specialised inspectors, engineers, other professionals across the entire petrochemical industry to obtain the API 580 Risk Based Inspection  certification as a validation of their profound knowledge of Risked Based Inspection (RBI).

RBI has quickly become one of the industry’s premier instruments and preferred methods of inspection planning. The API 580 training certification will add significant value to your professional credentials, demonstrating to your employers and clients that you have obtained a high level of proficiency and understanding in this vital field.

The API 580 training course is an online-only course lasting 3 months. This interactive online training provides the study required to take the API 580 examination. The examination is based only on the API 580 document; there are no supporting codes for the ICP examination.


The API 580 training course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to pass the exam and includes:

  • Types of Assessment
  • Planning
  • Data and Information Collection Identifying Deterioration
  • Mechanisms and Failure Modes
  • Probability of Failure
  • Consequence of Failure
  • The Basic Concepts of RBI
  • Risk Management and Risk Reduction
  • Inspection Optimisation
  • Relative Risk vs. Absolute Risk
  • Introduction to Risk-based Inspection
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Mitigation

In conjuction with API 571 Corrosion and Materials certfication, the API 580 certification shows employers that the holder has the required knowledge relating to Risk Based Inspection and understands the concepts and requirements.

Course Modules

Module 1

Scope, References, Definitions

Risk Assessment Concepts and Introduction to RBI

RBI Planning & Data Collection

Damage Mechanisms and Assessing POF & COF

Risk Determination, Management, Mitigation & Reassessment

Roles, Training, Record Keeping & RBI Pitfalls

Preparation Exercise

Revision Exercise

Mock Exams

Course Name:

API 580 Risk Based Inspection



Online Start Date:

September 2, 2022


£699.00 + VAT

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Classroom End Date:


API Exam Window:

2nd-23rd December 2022

API Exam Deadline:

Sep 30, 2022