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API SIFE – Source Inspector Fixed Equipment


API SIFE – Source Inspector Fixed Equipment


3 months online training in preparation for the API SIFE examination


Source Inspection is a quality inspection in which the Buyer requires the quality check before the material is received. The ‘Buyer’ or its representative performs a quality inspection at the vendor’s location to make sure all requirements are fulfilled in accordance with codes, standards, and specifications.

The ‘Buyer’ can be anybody who orders equipment or parts such as pressure equipment or its components (base materials, flanges, valves, welding consumables, piping spools, structures, etc.)

Company-supplier quality programs have long needed a minimum standard of competency regarding inspectors working on fixed equipment assignments around the world within the oil and gas industry. Industry expectations are that individual inspector certifications will be mandatory by many clients and projects, sometime soon.

The API Source Inspector certification program, API SIFE, was developed in cooperation with industry experts. It qualifies individuals (employees of end-users and individual contractors) who perform the vital task of supplier quality surveillance. The Source Inspector has been defined as the individual responsible for:

  • Examining fabricated and manufactured equipment and materials at a supplier’s facility
  • Confirming that the supplier’s quality management system is being utilized effectively

API SIFE training – Source Inspector Fixed Equipment focuses primarily on pressure containing equipment and structural equipment, including, vessels, columns/towers, heat exchangers, piping, valves, pressure relief devices, tubulars, and associated structural fabrications.


The API SIFE training course provides participants with the knowledge necessary to pass the exam and includes:

  • Project Specific Source Inspection Planning Activities
  • Source Inspection Performance
  • Examination Methods, Tools and Equipment
  • Final Acceptance
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication (M&F) Processes
  • Pressure Vessels – Materials, Construction, Dimensional Checks
  • Piping – Valves, Flanges, and Fittings

Course Modules

Module 1 - SIFE
  • Introduction to SIFE
  • Source Inspection Management & Planning
  • Introduction to Pressure Vessels
  • Design & Construction
  • Pressure Testing
  • Welding Fabrication
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • Introduction to Piping & Flanges
  • Piping Materials & Standards
  • Piping Fabrication, Inspection, Examination & Testing
  • Flange Types
  • Flange Dimensions, Tolerances & Markings
  • Flange Fittings & Testing
  • Introduction to Source Inspection Performance
  • Metallurgy & Material Properties
  • Heat Treatment
  • Welding Processes
  • Introduction to ASME IX
  • Scope & Definitions
  • Welding General Requirements
  • Welding Procedure Qualifications
  • Welding Performance Qualifications
  • Welding Data
  • NDE Techniques
  • Weld Inspection
  • Material Verification
  • Valve Inspection & Testing
  • Surface Preparation & Inspection
  • Closed Book Exams
Course Name:

API SIFE – Source Inspector Fixed Equipment


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