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Pressure Testing Training Course



Pressure Testing Training Course – 1 Day of Classroom Training

Pressure testing of newly manufactured and installed pipework and pressure vessels is an essential part of ensuring that assets meet their operational requirements.

However, the number of reported failures indicate that current processes and available guidance relating to pressure testing are not adequate, both in the factory and on-site.

Pressure Testing Procedures and Best Practice Training outlines the responsibilities in the Health and Safety Executives Guidance note GS4 “Safety Requirements for Pressure Testing” and how to meet those requirements. A review of case studies is conducted to demonstrate where ‘things go wrong’ and how to prevent such incidents in the future.

A significant emphasis will be placed on the ‘Test Supervisors’ roles and responsibility and the safe systems of work that must be in place. The safe system of work provides written instructions to test engineers and requires sufficient information to ensure correct:


The Pressure Testing Procedures and Best Practice course provide participants with the knowledge necessary to ensure a pressure test is conducted safely:

  • Understand code requirements towards pressure tests
  • Develop pressure test procedures
  • The supervisor roles and responsibilities
  • Describe risk assessment and method statements for pressure testing


Course Modules

Module 1

Introduction to Pressure Testing HSE GS-4 and CRR-168

Roles & Responsibilities: The Test Supervisor

Test Methodology & Safety

Safe Systems of Work

Test Procedure: Code Requirements

Test Equipment & Records

Case Studies of Failures