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Source Inspector Fixed Equipment (SIFE)

27-31 July is API SIFE (Source Inspector Fixed Equipment) week at WILKINSON COUTTS.

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The API SIFE Roles and Responsibilities

API SIFE have specific ideas about Roles and Responsibilities in SOURCE INSPECTIONS.

Here’s some points:

·   The Source Inspector (SI) always reports through an Inspection Co-ordinator (IC)

·   The SI is not responsible for Quality Management of the equipment; that’s the Manufacturer’s job.

·   Source Inspection and ‘Quality Surveillance’ are the same thing.


Who attends Inspection meetings?

There’s two types of meeting identified before Source Inspection activities start:

The pre-purchase meeting and the pre-inspection meeting.

Here’s API’s view on who attends: –

·   The SI does not have to attend the pre-purchase meeting

·   The SI should attend the pre-inspection meeting at a manufacturer’s premises.

This is rare on many jobs but it is the answer for the exam question


Watch out for Counterfeit Materials

API have made it very clear about the real risk of counterfeit materials.

This is especially apparent in large-scale purchasing programmes falling foul to this by assuming that all material is what it says on the material certificate.

It’s the purchaser’s responsibility to specify extra PMI or mechanical testing to keep the risk of inadequate materials low.


Check out the API SIFE Study Guide

There’s a good summary of the API Source Inspector’s duties in the SIFE study guide on the API website, as shown in the following link:




Questions about SIFE Certificate?

If you have any questions about the Wilkinson Coutts API SIFE Inspector Cert training (residential or on-line), contact Paul Wilkinson or Craig Coutts with these emails:





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