What is a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online learning system where both the learners and tutors communicate to each other just like the real classroom but from different geographical locations. The system comprises of all the basic tools required to effectively run a classroom. Communication among the participants can be achieved in various ways like text chat, live video, live audio, and so on. Among the basic tools is the whiteboard, which is incredibly similar to the flipcharts and whiteboards found in a real classroom.




It is undeniable that the virtual classroom removed the limitation of time and location, a common challenge with traditional training courses. With removal of these limitations, learners have the freedom to study and finish the coursework anytime, anywhere. Learners also have the freedom to engage with others on classroom topics, do the assignment, absorb class content, or take exams at a time or duration that best fits their schedule.

Learning online provides adults the idea environment needed to balance between work, family, and the demand of going away for days on a course.


How does it work?

There are many platforms available to host virtual classrooms. These allow the learner to sign into the live classroom and watch the lectures as if they were there in person. The lecturers digital whiteboard replaces the traditional flipchart and blackboard, allowing students to see the demonstrations and worked examples.


With the use of webcams and microphones, the tutor and learner have the usual interaction as found in a traditional classroom, allowing questions to be asked and answered both ways.


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