• In: Training | On: Jul 22, 2020

Dear Budding Technical Authors

(Originally Posted: 13th July 2020)


Good news everyone: we’ve just published the new Wilkinson Coutts Plant Inspection Guide!

Just scroll down for a quick look.

Remember if you’re a customer, get in touch; Wilkinson Coutts will send you one by courier.

It covers a lot of our information found in our ASME L1/L2 courses and has useful bits from the API-certs as well.

Could you write one?


We know there’s budding talent out there.

So, if you think you could write a book about integrity/inspection, then we would be happy to help.

First, figure out these three criteria:

• WHAT it’s about?

• WHAT’s the subject (and your angle on it)

• HOW does it fit in with Wilkinson Coutts training courses?

If it’s a winner, we’ll publish and print it at our cost.

We’ll use it on our courses, and you’ll get the career benefits that go with being a published author in your field.

It is important to note that we try not to cover NDT subjects or University-related content.

There are many highly commendable courses out there.

Wilkinson Coutts want to give inspection, integrity and FFP-related content a little more love.

Fancy a try?

Drop us a note with who you are and a couple of paragraphs summary of what you have in mind.

We’ll get back to you and tell you how it looks