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Package Boiler Inspection




This is a comprehensive independent training course for Engineer Surveyors/Inspectors who inspect industrial package (shell) boilers and associated steam systems.


Why is it required?


The UK is one of the few mature industrial countries that have no independent training course for assessment and examination of industrial boiler inspectors. Inspectors with specific boiler knowledge and skills are in short supply and the quality very variable.


An improvement in employer-led assessments


The objective of this programme is to provide boiler inspectors with demonstrable training and certification independent of their current employer.


Technical points about this WILKINSON COUTTS course



  • Fully aligned with the statutory requirements of the PSSRs and HSE guidelines and published SAFeD documents


  • Based on the best content of published codes and reference documents for in-service boiler inspection from several countries and sources, rather than restricting this to a single published source


  • Production of enhanced inspection reports providing comprehensive technical detail. A method of ‘quality score assessment’ which is applied to previous and current boiler inspection reports.


  • An inspector training and certificate programme which is not employer-specific and therefore has external recognition.






Industrial and commercial steam and hot water boilers to the same technical scope as HSE BG01 i.e.


  • MAWP 0.5- 32 bar gauge and temperature 110°C to 400°C.


It is also relevant to small water tube boilers and fired heaters, and related steam plant in the boiler feed and steam distribution circuit: such as Deaerators/feed heaters, Dosing equipment, Drains cooler/sampling components, Pressure relief valves, Steam pipework.





It covers those items of direct relevance to a boiler inspector acting as a competent person (CP) under the PSSRs. i.e. relating to the pressure integrity of the boiler circuit with its attendant risks of danger due to the release of stored energy and scalding by steam. Subjects include:



  • Related qualifications
  • Background/history of boiler inspection
  • Principles of boiler operation
  • Boiler types
  • Boiler design principles
  • Materials of construction
  • Boiler manufacturing codes
  • Fabrication practices and defects
  • Boiler operation regimes
  • Water chemistry
  • Boiler cleaning practices
  • Corrosion/damage mechanisms
  • Fireside DMs
  • Boiler failure modes
  • Written scheme of examination: technical
  • Safety: Confined space entry
  • Boiler inspection, NDE and testing
  • Evaluation of inspection results
  • Repairs
  • Steam circuit components and pipework
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Statutory requirements: PSSRs
  • Enhanced reporting








  • Previous inspection experience in the mechanical/pressure engineering field is required for entry to the course.







Course Modules

Day 1 of 3

Boiler inspection industry and PSSR summary

Introduction to boiler principles. Steam types/ thermodynamics principles

Shell boiler types, sizes, arrangements and fittings

Steam circuit arrangement and water conditions

Boiler Operation regimes

Water quality control

Boiler Failure Modes (FMs)

Boiler Damage Mechanisms (DMs)

Inspection routines: working and shutdown

Inspection routines: special periodic

PSSR Summary

Boiler WSE and reports


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